Why PureGreen?

PureGreen is the leader in the paper coating industry and it is our claim to give our customer the best product value for sustainability in all aspects.

PureGreen fulfills all customer demands of high quality and a wide product portfolio through direct control of the whole product development and production. Pure Green. Pure Sustainability. Pure Quality.

We choose wood firber paper board with FSC certificate, we only choose food grade paper for food packaging

We use water-based ink which is biodegradable, our superior printing method guarantees high quality printing

We produce PLA coated 100% sugarcane paper which is made of agricultural residue, 100% renewable material

We provide abundant plant-based coating solutions for different customers' demands

We only produce 100% plant-based material, no additives and no glue

Strict quality control procedures in production and testing, trusted by international packaging leaders


What is 100% plant-based coating?

The barrier material of our product is PLA, PLA is produced from renewable feed stocks like sugarcane, which represents 75% reduction compared to most traditional fossil-based plastic. Our technology is 100% PLA coating, we don't add any chemical addictives so the whole product is purely nature based.

Can our products be freeze?

Our double coating plant-base paper can protect from moisture in the frozen conditions.

Does our product include glue?

We don't use any glue for full range of our products.


PureGreen was established to provide a prompt professional storage and logistics service for our customers.
Our professional sales team will help our customers to upgrade their sustainable package demand. 



PureGreen has certifications for international standards. Here are just a few and if you would like to see more or view an entire certificate please contact us.

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