What is our 100% plant-based coating?

The barrier material of our product is PLA, PLA is produced from renewable feed stock like sugarcane. 75% reduction compared to most traditional fossil-based plastic. Our technology is 100% PLA coating, we don't add any chemical addictives so the whole product is pure eco products.

What is the unique function of our products compared to plastic coated paper?

Our food containers are microwave safe and PE coated paper products are not allowed to be heated in the microwave.

Can our products be used for frozen products?

Our double coated plant-based paper can protect paper from moisture in the frozen conditions.

What is our unique technology?

Our double plant-based coated paper cups are 100% biodegradable and compostable. We can apply a very thin PLA coating to achieve a very low percentage of barrier.

What is the time for the quality guarantee when sold on shelf or stock in warehouse?

It is up to 1 year.

What is the bio thin wrapping paper?

Currently a lot of thin wrapping paper have added chemicals in the production to make paper water and oil resistant. Our plant-based barrier can well protect paper allowing 100% food safety.

Do we use glue for our papers?

We don't use any glue for our entire product range.